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2011-09-14 18:31:10 by Lino

Wooooow........haven't been here in a long time.

Sorry NG, I dunno what happened.

BUUUT....I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna post my Clay Days Series on here as well as Youtube from
now on. After all, this place is what got me started doing claymations. Hell, it got me started with doing
movies on the internet period. For those who don't know, Clay Days was started back in 2007 and last year I kinda revamped it, instead of random characters there are now main ones, to make it more like a show or something. I am about to start making a bunch more, because I have a list full of ideas and many other characters to introduce that I think are really funny. It's pretty much a for sure thing that I'm gonna post here again. I miss the feeling of submitting an episode and getting feedback and all that good stuff. I can't believe a series that I started when I was 13 is still going, and that I'm more into and excited about it than ever. There's even a full length Clay Days movie script being written.

But yeah just posting this little news thing. Look out for the new episodes of Clay Days coming soon.


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2011-09-19 14:49:06

Glad to see you back. I was very happy with my first frontpage animation. I am now up where u are now! :)


2011-12-23 23:40:28

Keepin' it real!!!! woo hoo!